GNUGoS60 is a port of the FSF's GNU Go game engine to Nokia's S60 smartphone platform running on SymbianOS.

It is Free Software.

Monday, December 03, 2007

GNUGoS60 v0.1 for S60 2nd FP2 released

I just uploaded a v0.1 package for S60 2nd FP2 phones now.

I found that the reason it didn't work on them before was because there is a bug in the firmware for all phones based on that release that means ECompXL doesn't work at all. Staffan Ulfberg (of EEMame) had wrote in a forum about a similar problem, and mentioned he had a workaround, so I emailed him for the solution, and he kindly responded with help.

It now launches on 6680, but honestly I think anybody installing it is going to be disappointed, because you get out of memory so easily. Even after 1 move or something. I have read that 6630, 6680 and 6681 have even lower memory than 2.0 or FP1 devices like 6600 or 7610, which get out of memory too, but after 10-20 moves.

Anyway, the game is basically unplayable on those devices I would say.


Dániel said...

Cool, the program now starts on my 6630, but it runs out of memory before drawing the board. I have 5788 kbytes free at maximum, only GnuGo being installed on the phone. Anyhow this is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Thx!