GNUGoS60 is a port of the FSF's GNU Go game engine to Nokia's S60 smartphone platform running on SymbianOS.

It is Free Software.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

GNUGoS60 v0.1.1 is released

GNUGoS60 v0.1.1 is released for S60 2nd FP2 phones.

It fixes only this FP2 specific error, quite possibly only partially:
I have reduced the cache size from 2MB to 400k, and this seems to allow it to do some moves. I was able to make 10 or so on the 6680 RDA before I got fed up waiting for it :)

Please let me know if the out of memory still persists on any FP2 phones, and after approximately how many moves.

Note: For other S60 2nd users with low memory phones, (like 7610 or 6600) this may be worth a try also if you are experiencing this bug, but I haven't tried this release on anything other than 6680, and it was built with the FP2 SDK:


Dániel said...

Wow! This sure helped a lot. On a 19x19 board i managed to play 23 moves (took a while :D), strangely on the 9x9 board it freeze out after only 6 moves, and (i dont know if it is even relevant) i found to freeze it out faster, if i use the fullscreen option. Maybe if you can build in some memorydump or logging function, i can send you logs to help the debugging. Sry i cannot do more, and THX!

Anonymous said...

What a super idea. Hope you get this all working right.

Anonymous said...

Just got a 6120c and then discovered GNUGoS60 whilst looking for new apps to try. I haven't played any other games on my phone since :). Am really looking forward to seeing the next version with the improvements you mentioned. Keep up the good work m8!

Anonymous said...

thanks for addressing my comment about the 7610! i will try it and see. looking forward to running it on my new 6120, which hopefully will allow me to finish a game. james

Ora Mezo said...

Thanks for porting GNU Go to S60!
That's my favorite game and favorite program.

Any progress since December, 2007?

Gnu Go for S60 said...

Some progress, there's a half finished version 0.2 not yet released, but 2008 was a busy year, new baby, changing jobs, changing house, changing country, etc...

Ora Mezo said...

Understood. Babies, houses, jobs... The same problems I had. :)

Actually, I've tried most of Go-related software for my Nokia but GNU Go is the only, which can really play.

Will wait for you... Urgently need dead stones count and result of the game.


Stanley said...

thanks for posting GNUGo.

running on N82, i get anywhere from 10-20 moves, but the wait time is pretty long in between.

if a 2 player version is available, can play with a friend and reduce the wait time

Feka said...

Hi! I installed the program on my Nokia 7610. This is the only Go program I've found, that plays against you.

A 13x13 board game went until the 20th move then froze. Sometimes even the 9x9 board game freezes. I managed to play one 9x9 game until the end, though. After you manage to avoid the freezes can you add a counter for the captured stones? :-)